What is Pilates?

Pilates works for a wide range of people. Whether you‘re an athlete or dancer; labourer or office worker; or maybe at a physical rehabilitation stage.
Perhaps you’ve had or are having a baby or simply want to improve your fitness - Pilates is for you.
Whatever your needs, we can create a personalised Pilates program for you.

Our Pilates instructor is internationally certified and has over 10 years teaching experience. 

Pilates provides a level of integrated movement that is hard to find in other execise methods.

General Well-being

Improve core strength
Improve flexibility
Improved physical coordination and balance
Improve overall posture

Stress Relief

Relaxation of the shoulders, neck and upper back
Enhances breathing
Improves sleep

Sport fitness

Increases muscle strength in particular the abdominal, lower back, hips and buttocks (‘core muscles’)
Balanced muscular strength on both sides of the body
Compliments and improves sporting activities

We can design a dedicated class for you combining all the benefits of Pilates for your individual requirements.


Helps with back problems, including scoliosis and posture issues
Safe rehabilitation of joint and spinal injuries
Improves neck and back issues


Improve incontinence and pelvic floor issues
Helps with Rectus diastasis (abdominal separation) recovery
Helps lose baby weight and get back into shape after birth


Helps prevent musculoskeletal injuries
Improve incontinence and pelvic floor issues
Improved physical coordination and balance



Do you have physical issues that require more individual attention or do you simply want to push your fitness levels? Not keen on attending group classes or want to start from scratch? Whatever your requirements, Private classes are performed in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
This is a 1 hour class for one person only; one on one with the instructor.
You will have a Pilates format designed specifically for you, catering completely to your needs and requirements. The format will be continuously reviewed and will change as your body does. (Fitness screening is advised prior to commencing). All equipment is provided by instructor.


Do you have friends that share similar interests? Why not get a few friends together and share the cost? Semi private classes can work out as little as $10 per person. This is a 1 hour class for between 2 and 8 people.
The format of the class will be designed to accommodate the requirements of the group. Attention is given to any injuries/issues and corrections and modifications applied.
These classes are ideally suited to a family, group of friends, sporting group, mothers group etc. All equipment can be supplied.


Group classes are held locally and are a great experience. All exercises are performed on a mat, which you can borrow from us or bring your own. 

Group Matwork is a suitable choice for you if you don’t have any serious injuries or muscle imbalances and are looking to enjoy a great Pilates experience and have fun at the same time.

Corporate and Schools

Single class or a series of classes can be provided, catering to any demographic and age group.
Classes are general, but with modifications and assistance for injuries/issues.
A series of lessons will include an Introductory class


Pilates is known for its whole body health system that will strengthen your mind and body, helping you cope with pregnancy, birth and aiding recovery.
At whatever stage you are in your pregnancy, whether you have been doing Pilates regularly or are just a beginner, we can design a class that will work for you.
You will have a challenging experience whilst ensuring the safety of you and your baby.

Fitness Screening

The fitness screening takes approx. 45 mins and consists of 15 non-intrusive low impact exercises.
It enables problem areas to be identified and also highlights areas that lack strength and/or flexibility.
A Pilates format is then designed specifically for these areas and conducted with a 1 hour Pilates class



$ 50/hr
  • 10 Classes - $450

  • 2 People - $50
  • 3 People - $60
  • 4 People - $70



$ 110/hr

    20 People max.


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